You’re A Penguin! (So Am I)

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” – The Beatles

You are just like me.

Ever notice how when we look at penguins, we have the hardest time telling them apart? It’s only if you are a penguin that you can tell each penguin apart from the next.

Well, I bet to a penguin, we probably look identical to every other human.

And you know what? The penguin has a great perspective.  We actually ARE pretty identical to one another.

I have some good news: You are not special! In terms of human movement patterns, you were designed to move just like me and just like every other homo sapiens that ever has walked this planet.  In essence, you were designed to squat, bend, push, pull, walk, and ultimately run the same exact way as me and everyone else.
Even MORE good news: it’s only when we stray from these movement patterns do we start experiencing pain and eventually chronic pain or injury.

But my doctor took an x-ray and I have a  herniated bulging collapsed arch meniscus l-5 plantar tear! I need a SPECIAL form of training/rehab for my SPECIAL kind of issue.

So what am I getting at?  The point is, it does not matter what your pain is diagnosed as, whether it’s a meniscus tear in your knee or the good ole’ L-5 bulging disc in your back – they all stem from the same thing: dysfunctional movement patterns.  You can go ahead and get surgery on these areas but unless you fix the way you move, you will keep running into problems and that money spent on surgery will feel like a waste.
So if you can improve your patterns, you will feel a reduction or elimination of pain.  And that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

Improve your patterns.  We were all born to move the same way.  Just like penguins.

You can start by practicing this exercise and this exercise every single day.