3 Things You Need To Know If You Want Me As Your Trainer

If you want me as your trainer read this first.

1. Letting Go

I can promise you one thing: I will never come to your place of employment and tell you how to do your job. I’ll never tell the teacher how to teach. I’ll never tell the accountant how accounting works. My intention here is not to offend, insult, hurt feelings, but to help you train and exercise better and ultimately feel better. That being said, I have to speak my truth: most people who exercise think they are experts when they usually know next to nothing.

On a daily basis, the things I see on the fitness floor put me in a state of horror and disbelief. Many people are “exercising” their way to the surgery table and a life of reduced quality. They feel good about their exercise but they aren’t doing good with their exercise. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about exercise and you are certainly a victim to it, just like every other person I meet. Fortunately, I can help you feel better – if you let me.

My goal is to keep you healthy and keep you out of therapy and surgery. If you hire me, I will save you money and time on your health.

2. Exercise Defined

The goal of a good exercise program should be to get you moving better and feeling better. Moving better means 1) your hips function better (aka stronger glutes) and 2) your posture is improved.

This is achieved through a progressive core and strength training program.

That’s it. Gluteal strength and posture. I know this simplicity will make the fitness experts go mad and the exercise-a-holics begging for more, but the truth is if you stray too far from these two basic principles, you will most likely injure yourself. As I’ve mentioned before, most people I meet have been indoctrinated in one way or another about exercise and are hurting themselves. And when you’re hurt, you can’t do anything fun.

Video games? Nope.
Play with grandkids? Nope.
Play golf? Nope.
Take the occasional Zumba class? Nope.
Swim? Nope.
Run? Nope.
Read your favorite novel without back pain? Nope.

Exercise correctly and you will be able do to the things you love. Follow my results-based, well-thought-out exercise program and you will achieve long-term health and be able to enjoy doing the things you love to do.

Why are your glutes and posture the critical component of your health?

  • Sitting makes your glutes weak and your posture suffer.
  • Machines make your glutes weak and your posture suffer.
  • Performing any activity in abundance (other than Drew-approved core exercises) such as running, squatting, swimming, machines, eating, sitting) makes your glutes weak and your posture suffer.
  • Stress makes your glutes weak and your posture suffer.
  • Sitting here reading this article makes your glutes weak and your posture suffer.

What happens when your glutes are weak? You will be at risk for (if you don’t already suffer from) back pain, knee pain, foot pain, lower leg pain, and hamstring pain.

What happens when you have poor posture? You will be at risk for (if you don’t already suffer from) back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, elbow pain, wrist pain.

Pain sucks. I don’t want any of my clients to be in pain.

On day one of meeting with me, I am going to “assess” you. By assess you I mean that I will tell you that your posture sucks and your glutes are weak. I do not claim to know everything, but I do know more about how your body works and responds to exercise better than you do. That’s right – I already know this and I haven’t even met you yet! That makes me a magician or wizard of sorts. Professor Dumblecore. Gandalf the Glutes.

3. Exercising correctly is difficult

Yes, you have to exercise every day. Being consistent is the single most important variable when it comes to being successful. When we sit down the first time we meet, I’m going to proceed to tell you how bad sitting is. I’m going to tell you that your gluteal muscles are weak and you need to work on your posture. I’m going to tell you that that will be what I would like to focus on with you because it is the most important thing I can possibly share with you. In order to improve these things, it is going to require being patient and mindful. It certainly isn’t going to be easy to unlearn all that you think you know about exercise.

The zombie apocalypse is here. It started in the gym and has spread across the globe. Don’t be an exercise zombie. Zombies are not mindful!

People feel exercise when they should be thinking exercise. People zone out when they work out instead of being incredibly focused. Exercise requires thought. Exercise requires purpose. Exercise requires progression.

I would like to give you the gift of exercise. Still want me as your trainer?