Week of 8/22 Training Recap

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Marching x10
2l bridge x10
quadruped OAOL x10

Monday – Day 1 Strength Train + Short Speed
3 sets
1l squat x5
chinups x5 w/ 12 kgs
pushups x5

12x150m w/ 3 min walk rest.
19-20 seconds for each 150. Definitely a little sore post-mile but still happy to run this workout after racing yesterday.

Tuesday – Recovery Run
34×200 meters w/ same rest as work time. Definitely feeling Sunday’s race today!

Wednesday – Intervals

7×1200 meters w/ same rest time as work.

A bit more humid and overall rough workout! Certainly less than 100% recovered today from my weekend race and Monday workout. Still, always good to get the workout in!

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
2 sets
Bottom Up KB Carry
3 sets
1 leg reach x5
TRX x5 w/ 30 lbs
Half kneeling OH press x5 w/ 35lbs

Friday – Recovery Run
34x200m w/ same recovery as work. 38-40 seconds.
Tamaques Park on dirt path.

Saturday – Percy Sutton Harlem 5k
Vibrams Five Fingers are the best. This was my first road 5k racing in them and my only question is – what took me so long ?

Big, significant hill around 800m-1200m. This was TOUGH. Here are my splits:


Happy! Tough course and first time under 17 on the roads !

Sunday – Steady State
80 minutes easy run in Watchung Reservation. Very comfortable pace – ~9 min/mile pace!