Week of 8/15 Training Recap + Mile race!

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Marching x10
2l bridge x10
quadruped OAOL x10

Monday – Day 1 Strength Train + Short Speed
3 sets
1l squat x5
chinups x5 w/ 12 kgs
pushups x5

10x200m w/ 3:30 walk rest.
28s with some 27 seconds. Felt a little tired from yesterday but overall good.

Tuesday – Recovery Run
34×200 meters w/ same rest as work time. Averaged 37-38seconds per 200.
Tamaques park – feeling fit!

Wednesday – Intervals

9×1000 meters w/ same rest time as work.

Solo at the westfield track around 5:15. There was a refreshing, pleasant breeze (finally!).

3:23,3:21,3:20,3:21,3:22,3:20,3:17,3:16,3:12 !

This workout gave me a lot of confidence for the road mile this weekend. Dare I say – the first half of the workout felt…easy?

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
2 sets
Bottom Up KB Carry
3 sets
1 leg reach x5
TRX x5 w/ 25 lbs
Half kneeling OH press x5 w/ 35lbs

Friday – Recovery Run
34x200m w/ same recovery as work. 38-40 seconds.
Tamaques Park on dirt path.

Saturday – Day 3? Strength Train
No running today to feel ready to race tomorrow. I did train at Core Fitness and did some extra core training and upper body lifting – like the seated row and dumbbell press.
Feeling ready!

Sunday – Midland Ave – 1 Mile Road Race
My first road mile – amazing experience! My first big “wow” moment was how quickly the 400 meter splits came up on the road. Before I even realized what was happening, I was halfway through the race!
My goal was to get out faster than usual and just RACE. So I did just that.
1/4: 67 seconds, around 3rd place
Half Mile: 2:17-2:18, 2nd place at this point with 1st a few seconds ahead of me
3/4: no split but there was a small climb so the 3/4 split was at the top of the hill. At this point I saw the finish so I tried to just push.
Mile: 4:42, 2nd overall! I learned after I was a mere 3 seconds behind first place which means I closed in a good deal throughout the race.

4th fastest mile of all time. My fastest 3 were all done on an indoor track w/ no wind and hills! I am so close now to running my lifetime best times!