Week of 8/1 Training Recap

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Brace x10
2L Bridge
Quadruped SL HE x10

Monday – Day 1 Strength Train + Short Speed
4 sets
1 leg squat x6
3 sets
Chinups x10
Pushups x10

10×200 meters w/ 3:30 min recovery. Ran 28s.

Tuesday – Recovery Run
34×200 meters w/ same rest as work time. Averaged 38-40 seconds per 200.
Tamaques park on dirt path. Felt sore but better towards the end.

Wednesday – Intervals

7×1200 meters w/ same rest as work time.

This was another milestone of a workout since I’ve never done 7 1200s (having only ever done 6) at this pace before. I am very happy with the increase in volume because I thought it would be worse than it is!

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
3 sets
1 leg reach x5
3 sets
TRX x5 w/ 25 lbs
Half kneeling OH press x5 w/ 35 lbs

Friday – Recovery Run
34x200m w/ same recovery as work. 38-40 seconds.
Tamaques Park on dirt path.

Saturday – Long Speed
8×300 meters w/ 4 minute rest
Weehawken track.

Felt good but a little sore and I think it’s the increased workload from Wednesday. Pleased with this workout. It got weirdly humid after the 3rd interval when there was a nice breeze before.

Sunday – Steady State
75 minutes at Watchung Reservation. Nice day out, much less heat than it has been!