Week of 7/18 Training Recap

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Brace x10
SL 1 leg bridge (new)x10
Quadruped SL HE x10

Monday – Day 1 Strength Train + Short Speed
4 sets
1 leg squat x6
3 sets
Chinups x10
Pushups x10

10×200 meters w/ 3:30 recovery. Ran 5 of them in 28 and 5 in 27 seconds. Hot out but good workout.

Tuesday – Recovery Run
34×200 meters w/ same rest as work time. Averaged 38-40 seconds per 200.

Wednesday – Intervals
9×1000 meters w/ same rest as work.

This was my most rewarding workout of the week for a couple reason: 1- it was incredibly consistent and felt borderline comfortable and 2 – this is the most volume at this speed I have ever done in my life.

Weehawken track during the evening.

Thursday – OFF
NBC (nothing but core – I just made that up).

Friday – Recovery Run
34x200m w/ same recovery as work. Very hot out in New Jersey this summer. Recovery run still felt good afterwards.

Saturday – Long Speed
8×300 meters w/ full rest (4 minutes).
Don’t have exact times but they were all either 45 or 46.

Point pleasant track – VERY HOT. Ran at 7:30 am, Jon came to watch for a couple…then strength trained after.

4 sets
3 sets
1L medicine ball reach x6
TRX row x10
half kneel OH press x10 w/ 30 lbs

Sunday – Steady State
70 minutes at Watchung Reservation. Really nice out and a pleasant run under the trees!