Week of 7/11 Training Recap (800m race)

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Brace x10
SL 1 leg bridge (new)x10
Quadruped SL HE x10

Monday – Day 1 Strength Train + Recovery Run
4 sets:
1 leg squat x6
3 sets:
Chinups x10
Pushups x10

30×200 meters w/ same recovery time as work.

Tuesday – 800 meter race @ Icahn Stadium
2nd 800 meter race of the summer (and year actually). I felt way more engaged mentally and physically going into tonight’s race. Warmup was good – foam rolling, 2 sets of core, and about 8×100 meter strides in 14-15 seconds. There were also a bunch more runners seeded around my time that I knew I was going to have people to run with.
1st 200 meters – 31 seconds and around middle to back of the pack.
2nd 200 meters – 29 seconds – this is where I moved up to the front pack.
3rd 200 meters – 31 seconds I pushed here and made a move into 3rd.
Last 200 meters – 32 seconds – lost one place but still finished strong to run low 2:05 ! My second best 800 of all time and probably the best feeling one ever. My only wish is that I could find more 800 m races out there because I believe I can break 2 minutes if I could have more opportunities! Two weeks – the mile and 5k.

Wednesday – Intervals
11×800 meters w/ same recovery as work. Great workout! Only a little slow because of racing last night but I really did not feel tol bad at all. I am learning now that the pace on these will fluctuate a little week to week and that getting the volume in and increased over time is what is more important. After all, this is not a speed day.


Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
4 sets
1L MB Reach x6

3 sets
TRX x10
Half Kneeling OH Press x10 w/ 30lbs

3 sets
TRX Row x10
Half Kneeling OH Press x10 w/ 30 lbs

Friday – Recovery Run
34x200m w/ same recovery as work. Increasing volume slowly – Tamaques park around 11 and felt great! Ran around 38-40 seconds per 200.

Saturday – Long Speed
5×400 meters w/ full rest (5 minutes). Very happy with the consistency today. It was hot out but it didn’t affect this type of workout very much since I had plenty of rest and stood in the shade during it. 64,63,63,63,62. Looking forward to mile soon.

Sunday – Steady State
65 minutes at Watchung Reservation. It was hot out but the run felt easy!

With a race in and two great workuts, I am looking forward to my last track race of the summer in two weeks. Not only that, but I am racing a 5k the next day! That’s one of the reasons I have been running my interval workouts the day after racing sometimes – so I could be adapted to racing back to back. Looking forward to seeing what I can do in both events.