Week of 7/4 Training Recap

Every day, 2 sets of core:
Brace x10
SL 1 leg bridge (new)x10
Quadruped SL HE x10

Monday – Short Speed
12×150 meters w/ 3:30 recovery. I ran this workout the evening after coming back from camping. Felt really great! average 19 seconds for each 150. Also, I made a point to run the workout reverse direction on the track. More on this below.

Tuesday – Day 1 Strength Train + Recovery Run
4 sets:
1 leg squat
3 sets:
Chinups x10
Pushups x10
I did all 3 exercises as a circuit but only did 3 sets for the upper body – because 30 reps of anything is a lot!

Wednesday – Intervals
6×1200 w/ same rest recovery. Due to my work schedule, I usually have to run midday. In the summer, this can be not so pleasant. This was the hottest day I’ve ever ran – or at least it felt like it. I was not looking forward to this workout but I was looking forward to being done with it.

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
4 sets
1L medicine ball reach x6

3 sets
TRX Row x10
Half Kneeling OH Press x10 w/ 30 lbs

Friday – Recovery Run
30x200m w/ same recovery as work.

Saturday – Long Speed
8×300 meters w/ full rest (4 minutes). 49,48,46,46,45,45,44,44.
New pair of Vibrams (v-run) for racing next week and very happy with the drop in time throughout the workout.

Sunday – Steady State
65 minutes at Watchung Reservation. It rained the night before so the leaves and trees were drooping everywhere!

Wednesday’s workout was very tough but very rewarding. It taught me that I’m capable of probably running a good 5k this summer if I’m doing this kind of workout during the first day our of first heat wave of the summer (mid 90s while running!). Shade an water help tremendously during the breaks.