Week of 6/27 – Training Recap

Every Day:
2 sets of core x10
Quadruped Bent Knee Hip Extension

Monday – Day 1 Strength + Recovery Run
4 sets
1L squat x5
chin-ups x5 w/ 26 lbs
pushups x5

30x200m w/ same rest – 37-38s per 200 meters. Tamaques park.

Tuesday – RACE 800 meters
Icahn Stadium. 2:08

Wednesday – Intervals – 8x1000m w/ same rest. 3:27,3:24,3:19,3:19,3:19,3:19,3:24,3:25.

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
4 sets
1L KB Deadlift (10 kgs) x5
TRX x5 w/ 25lbs
2L bend (stretch hold)
Kneeling OH Press 5 w/ 35

Friday – Long Speed – 5×400 meters w/ 5 min rest
65,63,62,62,63 seconds. Westfield track and felt good !

Saturday – Recovery Run – 30x200m w/ same rest.
Camping this weekend so I found a grassy, hilly place at the campsite where I ran this workout. It was nice running up some hills.

Sunday – Long Run – 55 minutes.
Campsite in upstate NY. Ran around camp early which was nice and peaceful.

Great week of training plus a race in there too. I was hoping for a slightly faster 800 time on Tuesday but I also have not raced this event in over a year.
My first lap was 61 which was good but then I slowed for the next 300 meters or so and then managed to close in a 15 second last 100. I have a good feeling about my next 800 which is exactly two weeks from the first one.
Went camping over the weekend and it was enjoyable running there in upstate New York!