Week of 6/20 – Training Recap

Every day:
2 sets of core x10
Quadruped Bent Knee Hip Extension

MondayShort Speed. 10x200m w/ 3:30 rest. Averaged 27-28 seconds per interval. Very hot day (in Texas).

Tuesday Recovery – 30x200m w/ same rest (1:1 work:rest). Averaged 38-39 seconds per 200m. Ran on a peaceful, shaded trail in Austin.

Wednesday – Intervals – 10x800m w/ same rest. 2:41,2:40,2:40,2:37,2:37,2:37,2:36,2:37,2:40,2:35. What a great workout despite sitting on an airplane in the AM!

Thursday – Day 2 Strength Train
4 sets
1L KB Deadlift w/ 10kgs x5
TRX Row w/ 30 lbs x5
Half Kneeling OH Press w/ 35 lbs x5

Friday – Recovery – 30x200m w/ same rest. Averaged 37s. Tamaques Park.

Saturday – Long Speed – 8x300m w/ 4 minute rest.
47,46,45,45,44,44,45,45. Weehawken track.

Sunday – Steady State – 60 minute long run in Watchung Reservation.

As you may guess from the post, I am going to start posting my weekly training versus daily training for the sake of simplicity.  I spent the first half of the week in Austin Texas so had to run Monday and Tuesday while there. Beautiful City and state.
Overall I felt great running this week. I was a bit tired on Wednesday during the 800s but I also sat on a plane traveling for most of the morning.